Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Day 5 of 21

My current deal at my new gym is $21 for 21 days which is kind of genius, actually. Most gyms around here offer 3 or 5 days free (and then, usually tack on a couple more when you act interested). But $21 for 21 days is really smart - it seems so much longer than 3 or 5 days but requires that you put skin in the game. But, the amount required is pretty much a no brainer.

I have 17 days left. My decision now is to join on a monthly plan or annual. I feel like an annual membership would ensure that I break a bone in the next six weeks or break out with a skin disease or some other something that would prevent me from swimming. But, you do save - 12 months for the price of 10.

I got an email from my gym sales guy yesterday asking how things were going. I asked about the two broken showers (parts on order) and the 20 minute late opening yesterday (one off - only time in 3 years they have owned it).

I was in the pool swimming at 5 am today. So nice.

Today's agenda is pretty blank. I have sewing projects I want to start but I'm not going to until I finish those already in progress. I have two pair of pants cut out but not sewn and one top. I have ideas but nothing doing until I'm caught up.

I'm finishing the latest John Grisham book today. It's a good read. I have a lot of good stuff on the 'shelf' queued up. I have a new Jack Reacher, a new Bosch, the second novel by the guy who wrote The Martian plus a couple of others. Nice feeling to have such a wealth of reading goodies all lined up and waiting for me.

First I think I'll go get dressed. Now that I'm not driving so far to the pool, I'm just throwing this thick ankle length hoodie over my swimsuit in the morning. After my shower, I put it back on over, well, nothing, to get home. But, then I have coffee and interenet and then it's well into the morning and I'm still not dressed. So off now to fix that.
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