Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Splatter brained...

I splattered all over this condo today. I bounced from one thing to the next and was feeling like I was wasting the day. But, turns out, not.

My new sheets came in so I am now, officially, a 2 sheet house. I cut the elastic off my old ones (removing temptation and making their remnants more usable). One sheet is on the bed and one is in the cupboard. The retired sheets have been made flat. And I made two pillowcases out of one of them.

I put together a new pattern and cut out a new shirt. It was tricky because when I'm buying fabric I always cheap out. In my head I think 2 yards is plenty. On the cutting counter, I need 2.5 min. Every fucking time. Today I played pattern tetris for an hour trying to get this shirt squeezed out of the fabric I had. From now on... 2.5 yards or 3.

Oh I had one yard of this great print that I got at Goodwill. It was quilted and in my mind, I figured I'd make the front and back of a shirt out of it and then use fleece for the sleeves. Turns out... it wasn't quilted at all. It was just folded precisely. So I have, actually, more than 2 yards of it. My original plan would work but it would be a waste so I need to rethink.

The pattern company that made the pattern I used for my Coat of Many Colors, left me a comment on Instagram about how delighted they were and did I want one of their shirt patterns for free? Fuck yeah!! I actually bought one of their shirt patterns when I got the coat pattern but it was a hard choice between two that I liked. So now I'm getting my second choice for free. Sweet.

I try to always mention independent pattern companies when I show photographs on Instagram and Twitter. For one thing, I really appreciate it when others do that and I really appreciate independent pattern companies. The big pattern companies have a very horrible system for downloading patterns and I refuse to use it. Also I hate tissue paper patterns so if I can't download the pattern, fuggitaboutit. Nearly all indie's offer PDF versions of their patterns.

And I washed my mattress pad and rebuilt the bed and in the process banged up my hands. One is covered in purple bruises and the other had one small one. Old people problems. Sigh.
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