Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


After yesterday's storm stripped The Tree That I Hate, I now see that the one big apartment across the street that had the blinds down for a year is now empty! They have the blinds up and the lights on. Waiting for a new tenant. Hope someone fun moves in soon.

This morning I got to the gym and it wasn't open yet. And it didn't open until 5:20. Shades of LA Fitness BUT... different. I could easily sit in my car and see the front door so I didn't have to stand out in the rain. There were others there waiting and a couple of people did leave at the 10 and 15 minute mark but when the janitor arrived everyone cheered. He let everyone in and no one was pissed or stressed. I asked one woman if this was normal and she said that it used to happen a lot but not since the current owners took over (early 2014). She said that the girl who opens the gym every morning is on vacation and the wires got crossed on her backup.

It was fine. I was in the pool by 5:25. And I spent some time thinking about why I wasn't all pissed off and why the others weren't and I think it comes down to local ownership. Instead of feeling like LA Fitness locally and nationally really doesn't give a shit, I felt like today was something that would be fixed. I think it's like those staff name tags. I feel like someone does care and will fix it. And shit happens even to those who care. No biggie. Certainly a nicer feeling than I ever got at LA Fitness.

Interesting to note that the traffic coming home at 6:45 is way heavier than the traffic at 6:15. I was surprised at the difference.

Nothing on the docket today so I'm free to do whatever. Whatever is probably the usual... I have yarn to wind, sweater to crochet and a new pattern to put together for a top. We're supposed to have more wind and rain today so I think I'll just stay in here all warm and calm and dry.
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