Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Whew... stooooooormy!

Wow. We are having some wind and rain. The traffic lights downtown are horizontal. The Tree That I Hate is swaying back and forth pretty severely (and, she says with delight) pretty nakedly!

And there's rain. I just went outside to get something and got pelted. Stinging rain. At 3 pm it was dark like 9 pm in Summer. And it's supposed to get worse tonight. I'm glad I don't have anywhere I want to go.

Crapity crap crap, the lights just flickered. Plenty of people around town have already lost power. We will NOT be first in the fix it queue. ARUGH. Excuse me while I go plug in my external batteries. Ok, everything seems to be at 100% so cool. Flash lights and batteries are available and at the ready.

My morning at at Big Fish was another success story. I got paid $100 for 90 minutes of game playing. Totally works for me. Their testing operation is really classy and on top of it. They know what they want, no screwing around. It's fun and interesting. And they pay you right there on the spot. Today's guy asked "may we call you again for another test another time?" Holy You Betcha, Batman!

After my test Frank and I went to 99 Ranch and DK Market (two large mainly grocery stores stocked with stuff from other lands. Adventure! I was able to stock up on my favorite cheese crackers and got some other goodies. Then we had lunch at Popeyes. YUM! Oh and we also went to a large (think big box) grocery that they have in that part of the county and we don't have here. All in all a very fun adventure.

Zoey's at the window watching shit blow around. She and I both are very glad right now that she isn't a dog who needs walking outside.

Last night I ran out of yarn on my sweater. Today, reinforcements arrived so I need to get to some ball makin'!
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