Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Major Blow Job

At night I open up the door to the terrace for fresh air while I sleep. This morning, I got extra fresh. We are having a semi serious wind storm here today. Here downtown, that means stuff that isn't nailed down is bouncing all over the asphalt and concrete. Bins and fences and bikes and all kinds of shit flying around.

A long (maybe 60+ yards) fence around a construction site at the end of the block was totally down this morning and traffic cones were splattered all over the road.

I thought I had a flat tire on the bridge but it turned out to be just the wind tossing me about. At the end of this storm, I will have my view back. The Tree That I Hate is getting nakeder and nakeder! Twitter says 65 miles per hour.

My swim this morning was great. I was the only person there for the first 10 minutes but then it filled up. And as soon as someone left, someone else was there to take their lane. But, I think it will be fine. It's also so big that even with people in every lane, it does not feel packed.

I did find 1.5 bad things. There are not enough showers. Two showers are broken with signs on them that they will be fixed. And, this morning, when I came in from the pool, the rest of the showers were occupied. This is not great. But, maybe it's a Monday only issue. The .5 thing is their hair conditioner. UGH. S'ok, I can bring my own.

Otherwise, it continues to be wonderful. No waiting out in the cold until the asshole-du-jour opens the door at 5:01. I got there at 4:55 and the friendly guy at the front desk was there and delighted to check me in. I was in the water swimming before 5. Nice.

Big Fish games are located across downtown from here and I'm not sure how the morning traffic will affect my arrival time so I'll leave extra early for my 9:30 session. Even so, I've still got time to kill. Think I'll get on that project now.
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