Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of Sunday

I finally finished the coat of many colors. It's not even close to perfect but it is colorful! I got sick of it towards the end and there were so many unfixable issues that I just kind of 'lick and promised' the rest.

There are things I really like about the pattern and now that I understand it better and know how to make it fit me, I may well make it again but all in one color this time.

My new hair cut looks much better than this. This fuzz hat is due to operator error.

I have it on now and it's quite comfortable. One of the things I did wrong was put the hood on incorrectly so it's really more of a cowl collar than a hood which is kind of nice. I may need to recreate that error next time.

And I combed back through the video down in the garage. People have been leaving stuff next to the dumpsters - like office chairs and pet carriers - instead of in them. (FREE SHELF... please come back) and the building manager wants to know who. I was able to find one guy who was just dumping shit. It took way too long to find him so I quit.

I need to go back and clean up the sewing room to get it ready for the next project. And then I'm done for the day.

Tomorrow morning, it's back to Big Fish Games for another 2 hours of my opinions and another $100! I hope it's as interesting as the last one. Then I may or may not be going down to Renton and 99Ranch with Frank. He may have a doctor's appointment and so unavailable. I'm cool either way.

The really big news and good news is that there is not even a teensy weensy hint of yesterday's breathing issues. Musta just been a one off - haircut stress? Anyway, it's a relief that it's not the pool that caused it.
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