Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Quiet Sunday

Another wonderful swim this morning. It was busy but not uncomfortably so. There are 5 narrow lanes and one double one. The double one seems to be consistently used by aqua exercise people. There are all kinds of buoys and weights and stabilizing belts along the side of the pool. During the latter part of my swim, I noticed 3 women and a man jogging. They were NOT casually walking, they were hauling ass with weights on. The pool is deep enough so you can actually job without having to hit bottom in more than half of it. Those 4 were still at it, vigorously, when I left. Very cool.

When you have to go farther, you tend to leave earlier. Not only do you have to allow for distance but also for traffic and other things that might happen. So I always used to get to the pool early and stand and weight. When you are 3 miles and change away, you need less allowance for shit to happen so no waiting. This morning when I pulled into the parking lot, one woman was outside the door. By the time I got out of my car, she was in and they were opened. So, not only do I get an hour of my day back because they open early, I get even more back because no waiting.

I will eventually quit raving about this new pool. But, it may be a while.

Also breathing is much better today. Actually back to normal. I thought about taking a prophylactic albuterol hit before I swam but decided to see how it was without it. And, so far, fine and dandy.

I know that one day COPD will not be fine and dandy. One day and probably sooner than later, I will not be able to breathe easily. But, honestly, I'm throwing my support behind later. Sooner would just be too inconvenient.

The leaves are coming off The Tree That I Hate and the new people in the gig apartment across the street are not shade people. The ones who lived there last year put their shades up maybe one day in the year they lived there. I have great binoculars but they are worthless when the shades are down. We are due to have a lot of rain this week and maybe a wind storm or two. This could polish off the rest of the leaves!! Yahooo.

Today is knitting and sewing as usual with some TV tossed in. I made great progress on my latest sweater. I'm crocheting it and not using a pattern so there are a fair bit of unknowns. But, last night, I got it to the point that it is now a vest so I could try it on for length and width. Fine and fine. I started the sleeves. Then ribbing around the bottom and the sides. I think it's going to work out fine and be a great sweater.
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