Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's almost freaky...

At both LA Fitness locations, they never ever ever opened one minute before the stated time. And often several minutes to 30-40 minutes after that time. Weekdays but particularly weekends. It seemed like 8 am was just too early for them.

New gym's stated opening on weekends is 7. I pulled up at 6:55. It was open and the guy behind the desk gave me a big smile a Good Morning, Welcome, You're all set! Enjoy.

The pool was not at all too warm. It was spot on perfect. It has a 3.5 feet end down to a 5.0 feet end. Which is way more generous and luxurious than the other pools.

The lanes are really narrow. Sharing one would be a tight squeeze. At several times this morning, all lanes were full and a person was waiting but they did wait until someone got out.

It's just a really really nice place to swim.

The locker room... spacious. Really spacious. They have a suit spinner. And Q-tips. The showers are HUGE and have seats in them!! And hooks.

And if all that was not just perfect, on my way out, the guy at the front desk - different than the one when I came in - said 'So, how do you like us so far?' I did not recognize him at all, but clearly he remembered me.

There's a fatal flaw somewhere. The chemicals in the water will rot my skin or the air in the pool will infect my lungs or ears. Something's gotta be wrong somewhere. Nothing is this fabulous. At least not something as important to me as this. Wow.

I made a quick stop into Safeway for essentials and then home where I made myself a, frankly, delicious omelette. Next up, I need to clean up the kitchen and hit the sewing room. I swam extra today because I was enjoying it so much so I hit my tracker's goal already and don't need to do anything else if I don't want to - exercise wise. Ha. So sew, watch TV, crochet. That's my day.
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