Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Too good to be true...

So I went to the new gym and discovered:

  • It is 3 miles from my house - probably 5 minutes. And the route is way more simple than my old gym (11 mins) and far better than the current one (18 mins)

  • There were 3 guys on duty at the front desk - every one as nice and friendly as could be. (old gyms had 1 maybe 2 people who grunted when you clicked in if they acknowledged you at all)

  • The pool is huge 25 yards and 5 lanes (as opposed to 3 at the other two places)

  • 1 analog clock, digital AND analog timer clocks in easy view from everywhere

  • pool toys - kick boards, noodles, crotch floats, barbells

  • the pool is right at the front of the gym. (I had to walk all the way through the other two gyms to get to the pool.)

  • $30 one time fee for as many towels as you want (yeah!!)

  • shampoo, conditioner, body soap in the showers

  • plastic bags for wet suits

  • They are open on Thanksgiving!!

Really the only thing that I would change is the water temperature. It seemed too warm. My guide said it was 82 but it felt warmer. I've always been a stickler for cooler pools rather than warmer but, honestly, with all these other amenities, I think I could teach myself to deal with too warm.

As I walked through, in my head, I was going down my checklist. Check, Check, Check, Check... So amazing. As I was leaving, I stopped back at the front desk to make sure I knew what the drill would be tomorrow (just my name). As I was leaving, one of the guys - not the one that had given me the tour - said 'See you tomorrow!' in a tone that sounded like that was a good thing for him. Shocking attitude for a gym worker!

First swim tomorrow at 7 am.

I floated out of there and while on that high, decided to bite the bullet and get the hair cut. I got to Rudy's and there was a line. And it was a slow moving line just to check in. My mellow was getting harshed.

But, then, I looked at my phone and there was a text from ljtourist!!! He's back from his massive European sojourn and was I interested in an early lunch (for me)/late breakfast (for him). TOTALLY!! I peeled out of that line so fast, I almost knocked the guy behind me down.

So, no hair cut but a great long lunch with Frank hearing all about his travels. It was such fun. I've really missed him and he's leaving again til the end of the year on Wednesday so it was a special treat. And speaking of treats, he brought me a European tour's worth of wonderful candy treats. I just had a Lindt Nocciolatte. YUM!

He also diagnosed my clicking turn signal as a burnt out bulb. Ugh. I have a call into the service guy. I hope he calls back and tells me to bring it in tomorrow. I don't like driving without a turn signal.

Before I left home this morning, I figured out how to fix the patchwork coat. It's going to be fine. The fix I dreamed up turns out to work even better than I thought. I still have a lot of work to do but I'm on the right road.


The Mercedes guy called and said I could just drop in for a fix. So I did. Took about 40 minutes total and he charged me $0.00. Nice. All fixed now. Whew.

When I bought my Pixel 2, I got a free Google Home Mini and it just arrived today. I cannot imagine I have any use for it other than just seeing how it works. The few times I've tried OK Google recently on my phone have been a total fail. Alexa and I are buddies. OK Google, and I not so much. But, because I can't resist, I'm going to set it up now and take it for a test drive.
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