Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My last swim? At this pool anyway. Maybe. I'm now consumed by the idea of changing gyms. I've made a mental list of all the things that will be wrong with the new one... crappy locker room, no towels, no soap/shampoo/conditioner, no digital speed clock... It's my way. If I'm prepared for the bad, I won't get bad + shock.

This morning, the pool was not packed but I still savored not having to share a lane with splashy Green Speedo Guy who is annoying and not having to drive all that way and all that way back and not having a truncated Saturday swim or a crowded Sunday swim. BUT at the same time, if this new pool does not work out for whatever reason, I will go back.

My plan is to go over probably about 10ish. And then go on to the haircut place and get done. And then maybe come home or maybe go on down the road and pick up some Popeye's Fried Chicken. Maybe.

Before then, the plan is to work on The Coat of Many Colors. The bad has been ripped out and it's moving forward time. I have ideas. And I want to get to other things but not until this gets finished.
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