Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Music To My Ears

"We don't have many people in here at 5 am so you'll pretty much have the pool to yourself." Said Nate, the guy at West Seattle Health Club.

And they open at 7 on weekends (better than 8!) AND no classes ever until 9 so 7 days a week I get my full swim in no matter what. AND 5 lap lanes.

They are actually a tiny bit closer and a little easier to get to than the West Seattle LA Fitness that I used to go to. (Way easier and quicker than the Ballard pool I'm going to now.) I still have to cross a bridge that freezes easily. But, parking is easy and free.

They have a 5 day free pass to check it out. OR $21 for 21 days. I'm going with that one, I think.

Tomorrow, I'll go over and check it out and sign up and then give it a swim on Saturday.
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