Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm finding it a little disconcerting that weeks seem to be flying by. It seems like one minute it's Monday and the next minute it's Thursday. Considering the opportunity for me to die young has passed, I like to think of every day as a bonus and I hate to waste them or not take full notice. Hard to do when they are flipping by so fast.

I'm on a hunt for a new pool. It costs me nothing to swim in the Ballard LA Fitness pool (it's included in my health insurance) but, it's too far, Saturdays are a problem and it came be too crowded. I was willing to pay for a membership in the new gym until I discovered that it was totally inadequate.

But, as long as I've crossed the pay barrier mentally, I can now broaden my pool options. There are 3 decent pool options in addition to the current one. The other three require paid membership. And offer trials. I've applied for a visitor pass at two of them. I'm going to evaluate all three and compare to current. Spreadsheet style. Let the best pool win!

Yesterday, the guy who took us on the tour - the project lead for the building company - said that 13 Coins (the restaurant) will not open until probably February. Today, the local business journal and the local foodie blog say January 13!! Which, happily, will be when my brother and his wife are here. That's just fun.

Today I have sewing to do. Or rather unsewing. I want to get that other long seam ripped out so I can move forward on this coat! I have all those sewing books I picked up at the library to peruse. And laundry.

But, hair cut is getting more and more critical. So... who knows, really, what today will be like. The joy of retirement.
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