Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

At least now I know

Our tour of the hotel and office building was really interesting. But a major bummer. The pool is 1. the hotel pool so it will be stocked with kids on vacation and 2. way too small and 3. not configured for laps at all. The 'gym' turns out to be a small workout room. So, I cannot imagine what in the hell they are thinking of selling memberships to.

It's about 20 feet long or less and maybe 3 lanes wide but two of the lanes are 5 feet shorter because of this weird barrier thing. If I were the only person in the pool, and it was an emergency, maybe. But, no. That is not going to be a swim option for me. Oh well. I'll save a bunch of money since I won't have to pay for a membership. Sigh.

On the up side, the restaurant is going to be great. It will not be open in December like they (the restaurant management) had hoped and probably not even by January. But, someday.

This is from the top floor looking into the football/soccer stadium.


This is also from the top floor just to the right of the picture above. The pink arrow is pointing to my building. My unit is in that top row of rectangles but hidden from the shot (by the building AND The Tree That I Hate).


My house is very clean and I love that. I got all my errands run except one. I totally forgot to grab my change for the change machine. But, it's right by the library and when I take all the sewing books I checked out today back, I can do the coins then.

I got home and worked on my coat and like a fool did not baste the main seams. It's a coat so I sewed them tight to make sure they didn't come apart. Sigh. Now I need to make a change and so have to pick them out. It's a bitch. I got it half done. Tomorrow...

It's only 4:30 but it's dark as night out with wind and rain. And so it feels much later. Like dinner time later.
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