Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sounds of Silence

Yesterday, after my swim, the woman sharing my lane stopped to chat a minute. I took out my ear buds and then totally forgot to turn off the ipod. I had been listening to a lot of Simon and Garfunkel but this morning I really, truly, listened to the Sounds of Silence.

Before I started swimming laps, I always had the ipod with me in the pool. I used to do exercises in the pool and I had a program on the ipod that would walk me through them. Then when I started doing laps, I just switched to music and I've always had the music on since.

It was weird to swim without it. But I managed. Manged just fine.

Compared to most of my days, today is full of stuff. The house cleaner is due in so I'll be heading out. First to Goodwill - I have a car full of stuff to donate and I'll pop in for a quick check of their fabric/sheet inventory. Then on to the library and then the grocery and then the gas station. And then, unless I think of something else, home.

At 3 today is the tour of the new buildings. My neighbor, Tija, has contact/friend who is the developer lead for the new hotel and office building going up two blocks down. This is the complex that is going to house my new pool! She's worked out a tour for several of us interested in seeing inside the new structures. So today, hopefully, I'll get my first glimpse at my new swimming hole. And, maybe even find out when the water will be ready for me. I'm quite excited about this.

I also need to spend some time with my finances today or tomorrow. I've been using my Discover card as my main credit card. I do like their customer service. It's simple, easy and fast. And I know if I have a problem, they will fix it with the very least amount of pain on my part but... their cash back is just not competitive. I can get more with my Capital One Visa and have more options with it as well. I want to go through everything and make sure that the default card is switched. It's not a big deal but I like staying on top of it all. At least I have a good list of what's using what for payment. Eventually, Visa or Capital One will piss me off and I'll switch back.

Time now to do a couple of things before the house cleaner gets here.
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