Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So Susan, What is Your Favorite Place in Your House?

I actually have 3. My house is long - shotgun-y actually. When you open the front door, you see it all. A long hall with the sewing room and then the bedroom and then the kitchen into the living room and out to the terrace. The only doors are on the half bath and the full bath. Everything else is loft-y with walls that don't go all the way to the ceiling. It's 1,300 square feet.

The bedroom is one favorite place but that's been covered.

Another favorite place is the sewing room.


Starting at th left, that tablet spits out podcasts. The stool really needs a back on it. I think I saw a nice looking one with a back at Costco. I need to check next time. There is no room for that dress form but at least it no longer spooks me when I walk down the hall. There's also no room for that cart - it's the one I got last week and I love it. It rolls around where ever I need it so I don't care that there's no room. That's Alf way back there in the corner.  He used to sit on the bed but got too excited whenever Zoey hopped on the bed so he got moved. On the bed is James, my blind teddy bear. He's 68 years old. I got him when I was born. A gift from my Mom's boss who's name was... James!

The fish murals are my favorite. The condo was being painted - every room - when I did the makeover in 2005. One day I came home from work and the painter - a woman - was there working and we got to chatting. She asked and I told her I did web development and she wanted to show me her web page. She had a bunch of wonderful murals she had done. I hired her on the spot to paint the big one over the bed.

"What do you want a mural of?"
" I don't know!  Something colorful.... how about tropical fish?"

When she finished painting the condos she got started.  And one day I came home from work to find two portholes!!

"I hope you don't mind, but that wall just looked like it wanted something. I can paint over them if you don't want them"

Her name was Delilah. I love those murals so much.

My last favorite spot is where I am now.

My headquarters in the living room. The TV is in front of me. I have tablets next to me and plenty of places to plug shit in.  Knitting and crocheting within easy reach and a nice view out the window. I actually have a fireplace, too, but I never use it any more.  You can see Zoey enjoying the sweater I finished last week.

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