Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The pool population was normal this morning. Me. The old, slow guy who's there every weekday, the green speedo guy who's there 4ish days a week and the blue suit woman who is about a 3 day a week-er. So 4 people in 3 lanes. Then the nice, fast guy showed up. And the walker with the Hawaiian shorts. And we were a pool full.

Then, for a while, there was a queue - people waiting for a spot. This happens a lot on Tuesdays and Thursdays which I always thought was odd. On weekends, those waiting will ask to join two other people and swim the lane in a circle. Before 6 am, mostly the extras just wait for someone to get out.

Tomorrow it won't be as crowded.

Yesterday, I made great headway on my fleece patchwork coat. I need to make even more today. I want to get the pattern completely cut out so I can put it away. It's cluttering up my living room table. I should be able to get that done today.

In my closet, I have shelves of folded shirts. I have summer stacks - a stack of nice, a stack of every day, a stack of undershirts. For winter, I have a stack for cool but not cold, a stack of long sleeved undershirts, a stack of favorites and several (because they are bulky) stacks of extra warm.

I grabbed an extra warm this morning and it turned out to be one I'd made last year and had forgotten about. It's pink velour. I got the fabric because it was on sale and the only piece that wasn't brown or black. It's really very nice. Warm and soft. But, mainly, it fits just so perfectly. What a treat to pull something random out that is so perfect.

In all the stuff I make, I'm pretty much addicted mostly to the making as opposed to the end product. But sometimes, that end product turns out to be the real treat.

Let's see if I can make the patchwork coat into one of those.
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