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In other news, good things do happen to people occasionally....

I just read this and it is so full of interesting, I just had to replicate it like old school LJ.

From a management perspective, I think Lucky Break is the funnest, most useful employee tool I've ever heard of. From an employee perspective. FUN!!

And while traveling is really not my thing at all anymore, even I could get into One Backpack, X Planes, X Time Zones...


Originally posted by anigo at In other news, good things do happen to people occasionally....
On Thursday I fly to Morocco. Actually, I fly to Montreal and then to Frankfurt and end up in Morocco Friday afternoon, but those are just silly details. It's our annual One Backpack, X Planes, X Time Zones trip where a friend and I pick an unusual location and go away for a weekend. (OK, weekend plus a bit of travel time.) We've done Paris (true, not that unusual), Guatemala and Latvia so far. Don't knock it. If you go on shoulder seasons and pick cute little boutique hotels it's actually not as expensive as you think. In fact, so far they've all been cheaper than spending the weekend in Vegas - our benchmark.

For this trip, I took Thursday, Friday and Tuesday off as vacation days (Monday's a holiday) for our trip - cutting desperately into my Christmas vacation, but whaddaya do?

Bear with me here while I take you down a seemingly unrelated path for a minute... Our Department at work does something called Lucky Break. Lucky Break is an initiative that awards a lucky employee with 2 days off with pay, and a $50 visa gift card. But you have to take those two days off in the week the winner is announced. This does two things. First, it is a nice present for somebody, and in theory, increases engagement. Second, it also means you can't work in a silo because you HAVE to take those two days off, so you have to make sure you can hand shit off to others when your name is picked. This helps create a nice cross functional team.

This morning I found out that I was our department's "Lucky Break" winner for November. So not only do I get Thursday and Friday back as vacation days, they're giving me $50 to spend at the airport bar while I wait.

The only thing string attached is that I have to document what I do on those two days and share it with the team.

Ahyep, I can do that.

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