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On weekends, waiting for the pool to open, I sit on my bed with my coffee and my laptop and internet. Today is the first one of those days when it's been so chilly in here that I needed a sweater. It hasn't been too warm in weeks but I do love the feeling of pulling sleeves over my arms and getting the nice hug of soft fabric around them.

I'm still shocked and delighted by my new yarn ball maker system. I was thinking about all the years that I have wound yarn by hand (and hated it) and then I got to thinking about Amazon.

If Amazon did not have such wonderful customer service and such a generous return policy, I would never have even considered trying a winder and yarn holder. Or, actually, many other things. When I think of Amazon, I do not necessarily think opportunity but really, I should. I buy a lot of things from Amazon - like yesterday - that I assume won't b what I want them to be and so I'll be sending them back. I'm guessing that maybe 75% of those things never go back because, it turns out, I am delighted with the purchase. It's so cool to have the Amazon safety net.

And, I should give some props back to Google. Originally, I ordered this laptop and the pen and paid $24.99 for expedited shipping for both. Emails this morning informed me that within 2 weeks (slow but ok) Google will be refunding me $109.00 for the pen and tax AND also $24.99. Nice recovery there, G. Thank you.

Twitter says the rain is turning to snow. Not here, not now but just saw "Big flakes falling in Ballard". Ballard is where the pool is... That should be interesting. I'm not leaving for another 20 minutes so probably it will be gone by then.

After my swim, it will be hustle home to get out of the way of the Seahawkians. I have lots of fun stuff to do up here so no need to mingle with them. Now that things are tidy and organized in the sewing room, I'm looking forward to finishing/starting new projects there. And I have all that yarn to wind!

And this is cracking me up. You have to click on the fox and then click again when the new window opens but as a Queen fan, I just can't quit watching.

Tags: #animojikaraoke, #bohemianrapsody, #carriedaway, #iphonex, #queen
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