Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good job, me!

I went into the sewing room this afternoon. I didn't really want to start something big but I had some little bits and pieces I wanted to do. Every time I opened a drawer or a door or went to reach something and it was right where I expected it to be, I thanked me over and over again for all that work last week. It's amazing and makes working in there so much more fun.

I got some mending done and some pockets built for future pants and some bobbins wound. And there's new fabric in the washing machine right now. And I figured out that I have enough fleece squares cut out to make the coat. So probably square joining will start tomorrow.

The last time I went to Costco, I found their Chex Mix combo boxes. I left it in the car because my hands were full. The next morning, coming in from the pool at 6:30 am, I had it in my hands when my neighbor passed me in the hall and stopped short "Costco has Chex Mix back???"

This morning, I ran into he and his wife and a cart full of Costco which included two boxes. They said they couldn't find it and even the Costco people couldn't find it until they assured them that "Susan got some here last week!" So funny.

So I decided to make up some Chex Mix and OMG. I forget how much like crack that stuff is. So good.

After my little break I'm going to clean up the kitchen and then sit down, fire up TiVo and finish this bear.

The weather outside looks like of strange. I just checked my phone and SNOW!!!! Tomorrow, while I'm swimming!!


There's a Seahawks home game tomorrow so I won't be dilly dallying after my swim anyway, I'll be hustling on home as fast as the snow can carry me.

Ok, break time is over.
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