Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got no sewing done but I spent a very productive afternoon in the sewing room. Organizing. I had needles in 5 different places and stuff stashed here and there and now it's all tidy and methodically put away so that I can find shit!

There were pretty pictures of snow falling all over town today but I missed it. I did grab this screenshot for posterity.


My yarn got here. And, as always, I'm not entirely sure I got enough. Once I get one skein worked, I should get a better picture. It's really nice, expensive stuff and my hands love it.


Cheap yarn (like I use for bears and other stuff) always comes in pull skeins. It's in an organized lump. You find an end in the middle and pull and get going. Tidy. Expensive yarn comes in hanks.


You have to wind these into balls or you will soon have a tangled mess. I hate winding into balls. Hate it. But, alas, I love the yarn. It's the price ya gotta pay.

But, I started a bear last night I do not want to ignore him. I think I'll crochet one skein and then stop and finish the bear. OR if my hands get tired of one, I'll flip to the other.

Now I think I'll watch Project Runway.
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