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Twitter is full of snow pictures this morning. Seattle snow pictures which is mainly a dusting of flakes on cars. But, hey, we take what we can get. I drove through snow mixed with rain on the way to the pool. Kind of fun. Also grateful that I wasn't going to my old gym which, while closer, is over a bridge at a higher elevation so ice worthy. It always makes me twitchy. The trip to the current pool is way better when the weather turns. But, snow is fun.

Seattle has so many large hills and various levels of extreme elevation. It can be raining here and snowing on the hill I can see from my living room window. I'm actually going up to that hill after 10 this morning when the library opens to pick up a book I have on hold, pop into my favorite grocery and stop for gas on the way home, if I can remember. I'm guessing any snow will be gone. But still fun to see this morning.

My old Pixel netted me $350 with the trade in. Google's new trade in program had a few little glitches - incorrect info sent out and a small delay but I'm pretty happy with it. I likely could have gotten that much by selling it on Swappa but it would have been not nearly as painless.

My double walled KeepCups arrived yesterday and I love them. No sweat cold drinks and comfortable hot ones. The Goodwill bin is now topped off with some old coffee mugs, travel mugs and some glasses. There is now, officially, no more room. I plan to go on Wednesday with the house cleaner comes but at this rate, I may need to drop off an interim donation!

And speaking of stuff I love - particularly in the kitchen...

I have a set of these silicone suction lids that I use for everything. I use them on pots on the stove, casseroles in the oven, stuff in the fridge, bowls in the microwave. They are the kitchen miracle.

Before he went on his European sojourn, ljtourist pulled one out in his kitchen to cover some soup. I'd never seen them before and thought they were weird but he waxed poetic about how amazing they were to use. My pots have lids, I thought and smiled and nodded. Then, one day, I was on Amazon as I am ever day and I spied these lily pad ones that were on sale so, what the heck. Frank's been right about weird stuff before. And now I use them nearly every single day. And send Frank a little intercontinental thank you via ESPN.

I have feline assistance this morning...

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