Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Laundry day

I changed the sheets on the bed and decided that all my sheets are shit. Time to pair down and replace. Sheets are the hardest things for me to get rid of. I'm pretty good at buying new ones but I tend to hold on to old sheets until my foot goes through them one night. No more. New day. Two sheets. Both new. One for the bed and one to put on while the other is in the laundry cycle. (I don't use top sheets.) The current supply is going to Goodwill OR my fabric stash. I ordered the two sheets today. Plan execution underway.

I try to do laundry while the dirty clothes pile is still only one load. I rarely achieve this and didn't today but I did get it under 2 loads.

I'm reading the latest John Grisham and I'm so relieved. I remember distinctly the day I picked up The Pelican Brief. It had just come out and I sat in the living room and just ate it up like candy. It was like being carried away. I appreciate fine writing but I love love love a good story well told and this was. As were many many of his subsequent books. Along the way, however, he threw me some curve balls. There was Playing For Pizza. Judging from the cover art, I figured it was a metaphor for some lofty, barely logical, legal situation. Turns out, it was about this dude who got cut from American pro football and went to play in Italy. I read it to the end, thinking it would turn into something interesting. I didn't.

The there was the one late last year or earlier this year about a thief in a bookshop in some southern small town. I have, gratefully, forgotten many of the details. It was a horribly story, written very poorly with a totally unreasonable plot. I didn't even make it to the halfway point. I was ready for that to be my last Grisham novel ever. But, then, he had a new one - a new legal story - and I gave him one more chance. So glad I did. It's cut from The Pelican Brief cloth and so enjoyable. I've got 8 more hours and a really excellent next book lined up and even so, I'm dreading coming to the end.

But, reading/listening to books is rarely done in the daytime here. The days are for doing stuff.

Today's plans include sewing and goats. I want to get at least one of those pair of pants completed. And then, at noon, there is some kind of goat petting zoo up at the park. I am a total sucker for petting zoos so goats r us for lunch today!

The Tree That I Hate is finally giving up the ghost for the Summer. The leaves are drying up. They go from dusty (dusty as in city dirt) green to crinkly dirty brown. And then, thankyoujesus, they fall off. We've got some wind today. A good storm in the next few days will give me back my view. Fingers crossed.
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