Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not my usual day...

It was chilly in here (the living room) this morning. I had my crochet sweater next to me - all done except the last maybe 12 inches of collar and so I put it on. It was perfect. All cozy and comfort. I'd kind of grown to not like it while working on the last bit but once I put it on, YUM. So no sewing. Instead I finished the sweater!


I do not like the ribbing - the bottom, collar and cuffs. BUT I have a great idea on how to fix the look and it's much easier than this way. So... I'm going to do it again and test.

Just as I finished it, Sandy called and invited me to lunch! We ended up going across the street to Carmine's which is pretty fucking fancy, especially for lunch. But it was sooooo good. I had risotto with mushrooms which was heaven and topped with scallops. With cannoli for dessert! I do not have to eat again any time soon. Yikes. But so good. And we had a great visit. I learned that she plans to serve as President of the HOA for another two years which is amazing news. Also I learned that our great treasurer is leaving. His job is moving him. Crap.

It was really fun to sit and have a long chat with Sandy. She's someone I respect and admire and it was really interesting.

Then I took a walk around the neighborhood to kind of work off some of that delicious. I walked up to the fabric/yarn shop to see if any of their high priced yarn would work for my next sweater. Fortunately, the answer is no. They had one that was really soft and lovely but no good colors. They had one that was great colors but not at all soft. I think I'm just going to use some stuff in my stash. It will look weird but at least I can prove my concept.

My Pixelbook Pen arrived and it works. Yeah! All afternoon I've been debating. Send it back or keep it? I was send it back for sure until just now when I grabbed it to sketch out my knitting idea and calculate the stitch counts. Worked great. So... I've got 15 days to decide if I want the $99 back or the keep it.

Tonight is another World Series game. I am now good and hooked so I'm rooting for the Dodgers so we can tie up the series and go to game 7. I have some sewing projects to get started while I watch.
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