Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nice Monday

After I got home from the pool, I was doing this and that and the shirt I was wearing was bothering me. The shoulders were sitting right. It's one of the few non-knit ones I've made so all morning, I'm thinking about design changes for the next one to make it sit right and feel better on.

Then I went down to get a package and I went to put my keys into the shirt pocket (located in the side seam) and the pocket was in the back. Wait? WTF? I had the damn thing on backwards!! No redesign of the shirt needed. Dressing instructions for the wearer.. yep. Maybe I can find a 3 year old to teach me.

Tija came through!! Tija owns the gym across the street and is very involved in the neighborhood and so has lots of connections. (She is also the partner of Sandy, the Home Owner Association president.) Anyway, Tija knows a guy... And she asked one day if I'd be interested in touring the new new hotel/office complex - the one that will house the gynormous gym with a lap pool that is a block and a half from here. Interested? You betcha!! And now we're set for a week from Wednesday at 3 pm. Yahoo! Can't wait to get more intel. The Embassy Suites website says the hotel won't open until February so I'm guessing the gym won't open until then either. But, I'm so ready.

The magic PixelBook Pen that I ordered with my Pixelbook and that came DOA is winging its way back to Google but I just got word from FedEx that the replacement is already on its way to me. It will be here Wednesday. Yeah!

The pants factory is still in operation. I'm getting closed to enough pairs but not quite there yet. S'ok. Keeps me off the street. I remembered to forage in the freezer this morning for dinner. Pork chop and stuffing will be thawed and ready come time. Also on a jag of gently sauteed green beans and mushrooms. But, first, I need to make a run to the garbage dumpster. This is because my garbage bin is full and my tracker needs steps.
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