Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No more baseball this year... why do I even say these things?

Honestly, I don't care about the Dodgers and I really do not want to see Houston win and I cannot quit watching. So far - and we're in the middle of game 5 - the games have all be excellent. Nicely full of drama. The Dodgers had this game 4-0 and were feeling pretty smug. And, in one inning, Houston just tied it up. And there's lots o' game left. I'm really not good at not watching baseball.

And, ha! I just got a text from bill_schubert who usually mocks my interest in baseball. Even he is into this series! And his wife, too. So, it's not just me.

I only made one pair of pants today. Sewing on black knit is really not fun. And it's very hard to tell the wrong side of the fabric from the right side. I had a pocket half sewn on before I realized it was sewn on the wrong side. And, because I really want to wear the bejesus out of these pants, I'm sewing every seam so that no blowouts will be possible. Which is great until I have to undo a seam. One Hour Later... But, I got 'em finished and a head start on the next pair.

Then I spent a long time playing with TiVo making sure the upgrade didn't break anything and which buttons do what now. And working on my sweater. I'm about to run out of yarn again. More is on order and I'm really, truly 3 hours of crochet away from finishing but I feel like I've been saying that for days.

Right this minute Zoey is sleeping on the sweater so I guess I'll go cleam up the kitchen.
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