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The gym is in the same building with a UPS store. The pool opens at 8 and the store opens at 9. By the time I finish swimming and get showered and dressed the store will be open and ready. I have the rug and the DOA laptop pen to ship back so done and done. Then I can make a quick stop at the grocery. Grated cheese and eggs. But not fatal if I forget. And home for the rest of the day. I have lots of stuff I want to do here today.

This new laptop is just amazing. I was predisposed to like it. I expected it to be nice. But, wow. It's really really nice. I like the size and the feel and the way the backlighting works on the keys. It also bends all the way around to be a tablet and while I don't think I'll be using that much, it's so cool how it does it that maybe I will. And it's so thin. It weighs about half as much as its predecessor and has the same size screen and keyboard.

It's an easy-to-carry-around size so I think it's going to need a carrying case. And I have the design for one building in my head.

Tomorrow is a home Seahawks game so I need to really conjure up anything and everything I might need by car and get it done today. I think I'm good but there's no going out after I get home from swimming tomorrow. They got a little rowdy with their Friday pre-game rally yesterday. Tomorrow will be and excellent day to stay inside with the doors to the outside closed.

Ok. Time to get into my suit and hit the road.
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