Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Joy in Mudville

Not the baseball Mudville but the coffee mudville. I have found my perfect cup. Also, maybe my perfect water glass. It's from an Australian company called Keepcup. They have a 12 oz size (not that easy to find in lidded coffee mugs) and it's not too hot to hold and stays hot and isn't metal and doesn't dribble and comes in very cool colors. I bought one on Amazon and used it for the first time this morning and it's perfect.

Keepcup also has glass versions and, best of all, double glass versions. I drink a lot of ice water. I keep a glass of ice water near me all day all year round. I'm always on the lookout for glasses that don't sweat. My current ones are getting all beat up and I never loved them anyway and they have no lids. Double walled glasses don't sweat and these Keepcup ones have lids!! Amazon does not carry the double walled one so I had to order it off their website.

Last night, I was trying to go to sleep and the fire alarm went off and off and off and off... it screamed for about 20 minutes. The screaming was then joined by the sirens of fire engines. And then it was 11:30 pm. And I finally fell asleep. 4:30 sure seemed early this morning. I haven't found out what the alarm was about but the building seems in tact this morning so I'm thinking it wasn't a major fire.

At 9:30 (in an hour) I need to leave for Big Fish Games. Their offices are located just on the other side of downtown from here. Too far to walk and no good bus routes from there to there but, happily, it's easy to get to by car. I really don't like the games they produce these days but, I'm happy to play them while they watch for $100.00.

Oops, my brother has his newsletter ready for an edit. Duty calls!
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