Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And two more things

Another reason why that Amazon Look did not work for me is that it required electricity. Turns out, I don't really have a handy place where I can set the thing up shoulder height and at the same time be close enough to an outlet. An extension cord would have worked but, ugh.

So, when I sent it back, I ordered a $11 phone tripod which is perfect!! It can go up to 50 inches and my phone snaps in easy peasy. (The remote hanging there is one I already had.)


Problem solved.

But the big news... the really big news... is that my Pixelbook arrives TOMORROW!!! Via FedEx. The FedEx part is good because of all the delivery services, it is the one that has a place you can go pick up your package if the delivery gets cocked up.

Ok, now time for that Mongolian Beef I found.
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