Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I bought a rug, I packed it up to send it back. The wonderful, bright, fun rug I bought for the kitchen not very long ago at all, just didn't work out at all. It was hard to walk on and impossible to vacuum or clean and was kind of unraveling in places. So Goodwill got it. And I ordered a new one. It is fun colors but ugh on feet. It's now packed up and ready to be picked up by UP tomorrow. And I ordered a new new one. The one I ordered today was half the price of the one I'm sending back so that rather much of a win.

I ordered 15 yards of fabric and got 7. I ordered another 7. I made some kick ass pants out of this queen sheet I bought at Goodwill. The sheet is a light gray knit with a dark gray top hem which I turned into the leg hem of my pants.

I turned one of my favorite summer t-shirts into a winter shirt by adding a neat faux turtleneck, long sleeves and cuffs and extending it to tunic length.

I washed the 7 yards of fabric and even after shrinkage, it's more like 8 yards. I did not measure it before the wash but clearly it's way more than 7 yards but not even close to the 15 I ordered. Hope they measure the same way for the navy that I ordered today.

Last week I made a fritata that I thought was 'ok'. I put the leftovers into individual dishes and put them in the fridge. Today I pulled one out for lunch and baked it for 20 minutes - a re-bake, if you will - and it was DELICIOUS. Weird.

I did not get a shipping notice for my new chromebook so I tweeted about it and got a reply from a guy in Chicago who did get his notice so now I'm all hopeful again. And bummed about the weekend because no deliveries on the weekend.

So... it's been a nice day. Tonight is more sweater work. The sleeves gave me some attitude so I only got half of one done last night. I'm on it now, tho.
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