Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Missed the memo

Thursdays is usually packed at the pool. Today, it was me and the old, slow guy. He told me that one morning he was the only one swimming for the whole hour. A lot of the daily regulars were missing from the locker room, too.

On the new gadget front, Google charged my credit card this morning for the chromebook. For the phone, they shipped the same day the charge hit. So, while the chromebook is not scheduled to ship til Monday, maybe they are jumping the gun a little. I hope!

Also TiVo is making their new interface available on Sunday. They've tweaked it here and there over the years but this change is massive - a whole new deal. It's optional but once you opt in, only a reset (losing all your recordings) will take you back. I'm pretty sure, of course, that I'll opt in right away. I've got no resistance for new and shiny.

Included in the update is voice control but that will need a new remote. New and shiny.

And speaking of new and shiny, my new phone continues to amaze as it settles into its life. The battery is wild. And it gets better every day. I unplugged it at 4:30 am and have used it to check mail, check into the gym, sync with my tracker and take a couple of surveys. It is now 8:30 and the battery is at 99%. I'm impressed.

Today is sewing for sure. I have pants cut out and ready and today the fabric comes in for more and more pants. And then I really need to make some dolls and creatures. The fabric scraps are taking over my sewing room.

Seattle has two women running for mayor. (Seattle had the first woman mayor in the United States back about a million years ago and has not had a vagina in charge since.) As we get closer to the actual election I'm finding it difficult to decide. The Seattle times ran this actually very cool little test where they presented two sides to the top issues and you checked which side you were on and then hit 'submit' and it tells you which of the two candidates your feelings are most aligned with. I hit a dead tie. Sigh. The ballot is sitting on my dining room table - I keep expecting to see it flip flop.

My Notary Public application is moving right along. I can see that they have cashed the check so at least I know it got there and they didn't reject the application. Progress.

I found some Mongolian beef in the freezer that I totally forgot I had. So YEAH! Dinner is decided and thawing on the kitchen counter.

Sew time!
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