Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The parking lot at Goodwill did not look killer so I donated my car full and then went in and scored some pretty good stuff. I have a cool quilted print fabric but not enough for a top so I need some red fleece for the sleeves. I had some queued up on Amazon but hadn't pulled the trigger yet. I found a red fleece lap robe that will work fine. $3.99 instead of $8 on Amazon. And I found a knit queen flat sheet in beautiful shape - clearly expensive when new - in a nice gray. $6. Enough for 2 pairs of pants. And a couple of other choice finds.

Once home, I decided to finish off my sweater. I sewed it all together only to discover that the arms are too small. They fit but they look funny and really need more room. So I unsewed them and ripped them all out. One of the great things about crochet is that the nature of the textile you create is such that you can get an accurate measurement at any point in the making. Knit is not so easy to do. I'm such a knitter that I didn't even think about this. I could have fixed the problem easily at the beginning. But, it's bulky yarn, and crochet so fast.

And that's really been the entire day. I did get some gray pants cut out. No sewing happened at all. Slacker.

My house is so clean and that is wonderful. Plus, all that stuff gone to Goodwill. Now I can start filling up the bin again.

Oh, rather big tree news...

Backstory. When I bought this condo, I had a clear view of the parking lot in front of the Kingdome. And I could see other parts of the neighborhood. And it was wonderful. And then the city planted a tree. For the first 10 years, it wasn't a problem. I couldn't see it. My neighbor just below me could and he reached out and lopped the top off and got in massive trouble for it, too. But that bought me a couple of years. And then, it was all over. The tree is ugly. It's a sycamore tree called London Plane and is planted because nothing can kill it. (Not even the car that smashed into it about 15 years ago.) They are all over the neighborhood and if you are on the ground and/or far enough away, they don't look too bad but up close, they are ugly trees. And they are all over this neighborhood.

And mine blocks my view nearly completely when it's in full leaf and somewhat even if it's not. In 2008/09, I took a picture of it every single day for a year. And now, nearly 10 years later its bigger and worse.

Well, this morning, one of them... a big one like mine... fell over!!! This is on 1st and Yessler at the other end of my neighborhood (about 5 blocks north of here).

I'm so hopeful. I'm sure my tree will outlive me by a long shot but... I'm sure they said that about the tree at 1st and Yessler, too.
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