Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Driving a dinosaur after all...

Seattle's been peppered with Smart Cars thanks to its Car2Go program for a few years now but soon, my own Smart Car will be one of the few on the road. Car2Go is converting all theirs to 4 door Mercedes and SUVs. This is actually ok on several levels and concerning on one. It will be nice to know you can find a 4 door vehicle just by looking at the Car2Go app (previously, they did not distinguish between the bigger cars and the 2 passenger Smart Cars). My car will now go back to being a special sighting. I think the last I heard there were fewer than 100 Smart Cars (outside of Car2Go) in Seattle and probably way less than that now. I like being special. But, it also means that despite what the dealership guy told me, the days of the Mercedes dealership servicing gas powered Smart Cars are likely numbered. Sigh.

Wednesdays are really becoming my favorite swim days because it's really only me and the old, slow guy. Today there were two women who didn't stay for long. I had a lane to myself for the entire time. And I had hit my tracker goal for today before I even got home. Nice.

Today is house cleaner day and so, usually, Goodwill day. No reason why those two go together except she cleans on Wednesdays and Goodwill has Senior Discount Days on Wednesdays. (Back to yesterday's spend/splurge entry... I gravitate to Goodwill on Wednesdays because of the discount but then almost always pay with a 20 and give the change to someone in line OR when they have 'donate your change days' tell them to keep the change. If I shopped on another day, it would be cheaper for sure! Makes no sense, doesn't stop me.)

It's really ridiculous to do Goodwill today because it's so close to Halloween when it gets crazy in there. I might not even go into the store. Depends on what the parking lot looks like. But, my Goodwill donations pile is getting perilously big. If I wait much longer, I'm going to have to rent one of those big Car2Go cars.

ooops. Here she is. Time to hit the road.
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