Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fastest return in the west

I ordered the Alexa Look at 2 pm yesterday. It arrived at 10 am today. I had it out, tested in several places, back in the box back in the UPS system by 1:30 pm. Curiosity satisfied.

It does a pretty amazing job of capturing, I have to say. These two pictures were grabbed this morning. But the process is kind of ugly. You have to open up a special app on your phone and either press that button to take the picture or ask it to take a picture but you still need your phone to look at the picture it took. Then you need to 'share' it to where you want it. The first shot shared fine to Flickr, my next 5 tries did not and no errors or reasons, it just didn't. The app also sucks.

So I went to Google and looked around and lo and behold, one of the features of my new phone is exactly this! PLUS! Every photo taken this way automagically gives me two versions - a regular and a 'portrait' (blurred background). Two for the price of one. And a lot more easily than the Look did.

See? Here's a test I just did. Nice.

The Look is going back to the mother ship. I'll find a way to spend that $200 on something else I don't need.

I did go to Costco and even remembered to get gas. I was quite proud of that last bit.

Zero sewing got done but, hey, a day off never hurt anyone. I did a load of laundry which needs to be folded and put away and I need to individually wrap the meat I bought and find room in the freezer.

Oh I just got an invite to game test for Big Fish on Friday. $100 for an hour of my opinion with a bonus for arriving 10 minutes early. I'm so in. Their games suck but their office is easy to get to and I've done it once before so I know it's painless.

Ok, time to get a-foldin...
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