Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What you chose to spend your money on

These days, cigarettes, here in Seattle, cost more than most booze. When I see what is likely a homeless person smoking, my first thought is not for the health of their lungs but for the health of their wallet.

It's always so easy to be be critical of how other people spend their money. I do it all the time. Heck, I'm critical of how I spend my money! And I also laugh at how I don't. Once, when my brother was visiting, we were looking for a gas station when I passed up a couple because the price was too high. He snorted and pointed out that I was spending more on driving around than I would save if I even found a lower price because in my tiny car, I couldn't put in enough to justify a lower price anyway.

I am very picky about my coffee mug. I'm always buying new ones at Goodwill looking for the perfect one. Mostly they go into the Goodwill bin to go back after I use them a couple of times. This morning, the lid off my latest one flew off and I spilled a nearly full cup of coffee on the table, chair, my leg and the carpet. The mug I want, on Amazon, has a very tight lid but is $12. I have spent way more than $12 trying out and rejecting Goodwill mugs and, as a thank you, they turn on me. I'm done. The new mug will be delivered today.

If I'm dying for an avocado, I'll leave it in the store if it's more than $1.50. I hoard plastic bags that stuff comes in instead of buying them. Little stuff that actually nets very little savings. And, then, I'll buy, like I did yesterday, a $200 selfie camera from Amazon. I'm sure I'm going to send it back but the buy was by invitation only and my invitation was running out and I was hit by massive Fear Of Missing Out. So I bought. I have a house full of cameras. I do not need another one at all. And, yet.

Today I'm going to Costco for steak and porkchops. I'll save a little money on both but the Costco membership I pay every year is way more than I save. Yeah the meat is higher quality that is easy to find elsewhere but seriously, savings? Nope.

Fall has fallen around here... very beautifully. I love the changing of the colors but, even more, I've come to love the annual post at one of my favorite blogs. Enjoying the Small Things is written by a Mom who takes the most amazing photographs of her three kids. It's fun to read but mostly it's delicious to look at.

The live in Florida so no autumn colors except her cousin from Michigan sends a box of leaves every year. And so they have established the most fun tradition. I look forward to the post about it every year.

So, yes, Costco today. But first, I need to gather all the towels I used to mop up the coffee with and put them in the washer. I have no sewing started. Maybe it's a good day to whip up some creatures.
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