Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A very nice day...

My pants idea worked out perfectly!! I even tried a new (and I thought better) type of pockets. It takes more time and effort and, in fact, is not better at all. So my next pairs can go back to the pocket I invented which perfectly mounts my phone securely in a place on my body that gives me handy access with no unsightly bulges. Nice.

The bed guy came. He was nice enough but, did not do much to make me feel better about his store's customer service. He did get under the bed and triggered the button which is what I was paying him for. At first it did not work correctly - only half the buttons on the remote worked so he said it was the computer that was broken and would have to be replaced. I would need to go back to the manufacturer, get a new computer, and then hire him to come out and replace it.

But, then he kept fiddling with it and finally got the remote to work. ?? He also discovered that the installers from his store, did not install everything they were supposed to. There is an emergency down box with a button you can push if the bed gets stuck in the up position when the electricity goes out. He said he would order me one. I'm not holding my breath. At least I have his email. I have a note to bug him in a month.

I can now, however, easily get my bed up and down. for now. Wonder how long it will last?

Sandy got back to me with the notary paperwork. So I dug out a check and, amazingly, remembered how to write one, and packaged everything up and headed out. I had to get my own signature notarized. UPS stores are the easiest for this around here. There are two about equal distant from here. I picked the one two doors down from Papa Murphy's pizza. Guess what's for dinner?!

Also my yarn came in so I can get back to my crochet sweater. Yeah!

Fixed my swim gloves. Now I need to find a book. Started one last night that didn't even make the 20 minute mark. So not for me.
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