Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Success so far

The pants pattern that I've now honed to perfect does not use fabric efficiently. This morning, while I was swimming, I was noodling around ways to improve on that. And I came up with an idea. I bought 5 yards of the good pants fabric and after washing it lost a little more than a half yard. So, with my pattern, I could only get 1 pair of pants out of the whole thing. But, I had a lot of left over fabric - just no pieces big enough.

This afternoon, I put my noodling down onto pattern paper and bingo! I was able to cut out a pair of pants from the left over of that original 5 yards! It's a little different in construction so I won't be declaring total victory until tomorrow when I get them sewn up but I am encouraged.

This also means I'll get more pants out of the 15 yards I ordered. More pants = less laundry.

Big soccer game this afternoon in the stadium across the street. The game was over an hour ago but the victory party is just now winding down. It is warm enough to have the door open - that's why I'm so on top of the action.

I remembered to vacuum the bedroom floor. I'm guessing the bed remote guy will be getting up close and personal with my carpet and under-the-bed dust bunnies tomorrow. I can't get under there to do a proper job but I did the best I could. Sorry, bed remote guy.

Now it's time to crochet and watch TV. Starting with CBS Sunday morning even though it's not even close to morning any more.
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