Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good hair days

I've now had two good hair days in a row so the hair cut idea is off the table. Whew.

The pool was packed as soon as the gym opened but, in 30 minutes it was just 3 of us so most of my swim was stress free and just lovely. I do need to remember to wear my dark goggles on weekends. Even on cloudy days that fucking sun gets in and blinds me. This morning they were in my bag but I was too lazy to get out and switch.

I finish a great book last night - Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. And so time to find a new one to start. I have a lot of contenders in the library and there are 3 books coming out in the next month that I've pre-ordered and am really looking forward to. So my next book needs to be short cause in 8 days, I'll want to pounce on the first of these.

In the olden days of what my brother calls IRB (In Real Books), when I was looking for something to read, I'd go to the fiction section of one of my favorite used bookshops and search for the fattest, dog eared paperback I could find. Fat because I liked to dive in the deep end and not have to change pools so often. A dog eared book told me it was read all the way through and loved by at least one and very possibly many other peops before it. It was like a finger review. I found many a wonderful story with this method.

But, alas, I have zero interest in IRBs these days and for novels I like to be read to. I do keep a non-fiction on my phone for pick up reading here and there - like restaurants. But stories, I'm all about the audio. And I still go for the long ones but not this time.

I have sewing to do - and I think I'll go get to it.
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