Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Several things...

  1. I'm revising my assessment of the Pixel 2. The original Pixel had an excellent camera. The Pixel 2's camera is twice as good or better. And easier to use.
  2. I need a new case. As I do with all new phones, I buy the cheapest case I can find so that I have something on day 1. Then, I assess and get the real case after I've used it a little while. This case is ok but the buttons are to stiff.

  3. I need better boot socks.

  4. I need to make sure I do not upload photos automatically when I'm away from wifi. I just, inadvertently, spent $5 in cellphone charges because I forgot to turn off auto upload.

  5. I love petting zoos.

This was the cutest little thing with an amazing number and array of animals - a wallaby! - a chicken, a rooster, a pig, a duck, a turkey, a rabbit... it was wild and so cute. It was also cold and rainy so no crowds which made it way funner. Lots more than just these pix on the click.

Screenshot 2017-10-21 at 12.52.12 PM
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