Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today's the day that the pool gets taken over at 9 so I got in as fast as I could and swam hard. It helped that at about the 30 minute mark a woman came in to share my lane. She was slower than I was but by just enough for me to remember not to slack off. It was good. There was a different aqua fitness instructor and she, not very kindly, stopped me and told me to get out. So, attitude lady, I will but ONE MORE LAP just to piss you off. Win win, I got another lap and she got annoyed.

Then I stopped into Fred Meyers and picked up a few things and headed home.

I decided to change the sheets on the bed which was almost a disaster. The old, broken remote has been kind of working so I cranked the foot and the head of the bed all the way up to get the fitted sheet on and then the remote died. ACH! No sleeping that way. It took a whole lot of battery fiddling and some fairly severe language but finally I got it flat which is how it will stay until the new remote is in service.

OMG! I just saw on twitter that there's some kind of petting zoo in the park until 3. I am strapping my boots on right now to go investigate.
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