Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A pretty full day...

I just made what smells like a delicious egg strata/fritta/casserole...


I made it for breakfasts but I think it's going to be dinner tonight once it settles down.

I did finish another shirt - fleece this time and boy does it feel yummy.

Adventures with my new phone. It works with my elcheapo shutter remote that I bought years ago. I've never had a phone it works with before. Fun!

I got the new bed remote. It looks exactly the same but the numbers inside the battery cover are a little different and the batteries fit in there differently. I sent an email to the company asking for verification but they are on the east coast so I'm sure they are already weekending. So I sent one to the guy coming out on Monday to reprogram and told him maybe we want to hold off. He just responded saying it looked like the right one to him (I sent him all the nums) and if he turned out to be wrong, he'd come back when I got the correct one free of charge. Can't beat that. So we're on for Monday for sure.

My new phone did make make me redo much of my Android Pay info but it's now done and working. I do love paying by phone.

Tonight is tv and crochet. I think, if I focus, I can finish this sweater by Monday. Maybe. I'd like to.
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