Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New Bells, New Whistles...

The new phone arrived and it is pretty sweet. It's not orgasmically better than my old phone. My old phone is a year old and so no rational, reasonable person would have upgraded anyway. But, it has enough little fun things to make me happy. And, my old phone is going to bring me half the price in trade in so zero buyer's remorse here!

One of the funnest little things is that when it's turned off, it still gives me time, date and notification icons. So good.

The setup which was a breeze and a half last year was twice as good this year. Way more of my independent settings came over in the transfer and from out of the box to all done was 15 minutes. Seriously. In 15 minutes, all my apps were loaded and my screens arranged just like i had them on the old phone. I did not even have to put in a sim. It has an internal sim. Holy moley. I remember once, my boss offered to upgrade my phone to a fancier one at no cost to me, and I turned him down because the pain of moving stuff from one phone to another was just not worth the new phone. Of course, that was about 15 years ago...

Notary publicism is under way. I have to buy a bond, fill out an application, get three endorsers, sign before a notary public, send it in and get a stamp. Bond bought, app filled out, Sandy can find the three endorsers. I think my credit union should have a notary. Oh wait, the UPS store has one. Ok. cool.

I'm wearing the pants I made yesterday in the good fabric. The same fabric I just ordered 15 yards of. Are wonderful. They feel so good and look so good. Way better than store bought. I'm delighted. The 15 yards won't be here until the end of next week so there will be some pantus interuptus. But, I have other stuff to sew.

They are filming part of a TV show outside my terrace today in really cold, windy and rainy weather. I suspect they are a little thrilled at getting a real Seattle day but wish there was more rain. No clue what the show is. They usually film 'Seattle' movies and TV in Vancouver, BC

Today's Todos include... sewing up the fleece shirt I cut out yesterday. a trip to grocery outlet. a trip to the post office to return my old phone to google. And... whatever else happens. But, first, I need to go slip this application into Sandy's door.
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