Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sign here, please

Sandy, the condo home owners association president, popped in this afternoon. She wanted to look at my leak which was, thankfully, not very leaky. I no longer have to defend my case for a fix - everyone who needs to know is fully aware of the issue. So I'd just like it not to leak, thanks.

Also she wanted to ask if I'd become a notary public. The board paid for the last building manager to become one which doesn't help much now. I'm not sure why she doesn't want the current manager to become one but I'm fine with the job. It costs $100 in for insurance, application and stamp. If the board ponies up the cash I'm cool with the job. As long as I don't have to wear a uniform. Good thing I didn't get convicted of any of those felonies.

I kinda wanted to go to Costco today and/or Grocery Outlet but if I'm not here when OnTrac comes with the phone, he probably won't leave it. So I'm watching and waiting instead of shopping which is fine. I got an OnTrac delivery last week at 3:20 so I'm thinking today's delivery might be around then. It is currently 3:15.

I did get the under the bed cleared out and found a place for everything. I really went back and forth about those chairs. Keep 'em, given 'em to condo... I decided condo. Then I found out the condo keeps their chairs in an unlocked closet one floor below. If I ever need them, I'll just pop down and get 'em! Perfect.
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