Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Eye openeing

While swimming this morning, I was calculating the price of fabric for the number of pants I want to have/make. It's a lot. The fabric is relatively cheap per yard but I need lots of yards because 1. big ass to cover and 2. shrinkage. It shrunk about 12% with a wash. The downside of 100% cotton. Synthetic fabrics hold their shape much better. But cotton works better year round.

So when I got home, I did a thorough research of pants. I've been wearing the same style for a couple of decades. I buy in bulk. My last bulk purchase was 3 or 4 years ago. These are the ones that are now too short with spent elastic. Their price has skyrocketed. 5 pair of pants that will soon be too short and didn't really fit that great to begin with is $125 at the cheapest (Walmart). 5 pair of fabric to make ones that fit perfectly and aren't too short is $90. So... the making of pants continues.

OnTrac says my new phone is in Seattle.

Today's project - besides pants sewing - is under the bed cleanout. Under my bed, besides 12 years of non-vacuuming, is a tray of cat toys that the current cat could care less about, 4 folding bridge chairs that were last used 8 years ago for a neighbor's Christmas dinner and before that maybe 10 years for another neighbor, and a collapsible storage chest.

On Monday, a guy is going to get under there. Gross. Plus, who needs all that shit? Not me. The cat toys and tray are going into the trash. The chairs will be donated to the condo association. They use them for lobby meetings and my are way better (padded) than the ones they currently have which are mostly broken. The chest may stay under the bed or may go into the closet. But the underbed will be cleared out by lunch today. Promise.

I think I'll get started on that now.
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