Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

BUGS! Ugh.

I'm sick of my food. The dinner options I had in house all failed to peak my interest. But, I have fresh cold milk and nice, crisp cereal. WTF not?

I pulled down the big canister of cherios. LOADED with bugs. I mean there was a bug for every o. It was horrible. I had a smaller canister of misc cereal - a little frosted fakes, a little wheat checks, a few raisin bran. You know, the remains. BUGS. Not as many - I guess they didn't like the flavors. I ground them all up in the disposal. Left was oatmeal. I have a big box and some individual packets. I went for the packets. No bugs and pretty tasty. Now I've got to ho back into the kitchen and check the big oatmeal.

This condo has been pretty bug free for all of the 25 years I've lived here. I quit burning real wood in the fireplace years ago when I found some bugs that came in with the split logs. I had an ant invasion in a couple of spots about a decade ago. And that's been it. Until today.

I'm going to just believe it's a one off because the cereal was really old. New rule. Cereal in house, eat it. If not hungry for cereal, don't buy it. I do not heart bugs one single bit.

The fabric for pants arrived and it's perfect. I'm quite delighted because it's easy to find and there are several sources and it's not terribly expensive but has a really nice feel. It's 100% cotton knit. So. Yeah. Let the pants production begin!

We are having quite the wind storm. Sadly the leaves on The Tree That I Hate are all still green and not close to falling off. I miss my neighbors and can't wait til that view blocking tree is bare again and I can see what's going on.
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