Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


IMG_20171018_090643.jpg IMG_20171018_091941.jpg

Done!! And wow. Did I find some shit. Like 5 years of tax returns.

In the olden days when everything was paper, I'd stash everything in a bin and then, once a month, I'd sort and file it all. Now, I need to hang on to only the most minimal of papers so sorting and filing gets done, apparently, only every 5 years.

Also, I found all the paperwork, including instructions and the serial number of my bed. This serial number is what the woman on the phone last weekend insisted, at first, that I had to have before I could even think about a fix. Also the instructions for reprogramming were a little more complicated than what she sent. It think I will be spending $70 for that.

And, I found my tax assessment docs for the past 5 years. I bought the place in 1992. So here's the first year and this year. Wild. (Don't anyone lose their privacy shit over this... it is information available at the King County website for anyone to see.)


Also, in studying the Ontrac website, I'm pretty sure there will be no phone today. But, probably tomorrow. I'm chill.
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