Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bits and pieces

I have a lot of fabric scraps. I started sorting them a while back - cotton/wovens, knits, fleece, swimsuit fabric. The knits are taking over. So I spent some time this afternoon tossing out the smaller pieces and organizing the rest. I should just recycle them all. I probably will when the volume crowds me out of the sewing room.

I wore the latest pair of me-made pants today and discovered a few tweaks needed. So I worked them into the pair I made today. Tomorrow, the good fabric arrives and all testing needs to be completed...

Lots of people who ordered their phones when I did and after have gotten shipping notices. but not me. I did get the charge on my Discover card this morning so at least I know they haven't forgotten me. I suspect I won't get the phone until probably Monday. Not the end of the world.

Also I figured out that the nifty translation thing requires the special earbuds which I am not going to get plus it does not, in fact, include Bosnian. But the translate app does so next time the house cleaner and I get stuck on a word there's at least that.

I just discovered that Google now links books directly. Search for a book, on your phone there's a color bar that offers up Get Book. Click on that and you not only get purchase options, you get library options!! I get the Seattle library. I click on it and it goes right to the book - if avail, I can borrow it in one fucking click! If not, I can put it on hold. On the chromebook the option is over on the right. This is amazing and so cool.

My hair is getting into hair cutting territory and I'm not. I'll probably fret and bitch and moan about it for a couple of weeks and then go get it done.

This was cute the first few times she crawled into the yarn basket but now it's losing its cute. I need to be able to get to and use my yarn out of that basket. I even got the basket with the lid back when I had a cat who stole balls of yarn and placed them all over the house. I woke up one morning to find my bed littered with yarn. So I got a basket with a lid. That cat's been gone now for a few years so I never use the lid any more. I think I'm going to have to maybe change that. There are two cat beds in this room and numerous other cat sleeping options... geesh.

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