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My Mom had the fastest wit in captivity and a talent for playing tennis that netted her state championships when she was in college and on teams when she was in her 70's.

I did not inherit either of those things. (Yeah, I can be witty but purely amateur compared to her.)

She had really thin hair and a cowlick that looked like a bald spot and her nose ran a lot.

That's what I got.

I go through boxes of facial tissues like there's no tomorrow. I have one in every room and some rooms have two. if I only had one box, I'd get more exercise in a day than might even be healthy. I have those pocket tissues in my purse, in the car, in most pockets, and by the front door to grab on my way out. It's a royal pain in the ass.

Last night I dreamed that I ate chicken sushi. Yep, small pieces of raw chicken. In my dream, I looked it up and if I didn't get sick in 2 hours I was fine. I didn't and I was. Chicken sushi. WTF??

I got a big old fat slice of meatloaf at Whole Foods yesterday. I heated it up for dinner last night. It was barely mediocre. But I put the second half of it in the fridge and found it when I went to look for something for lunch. It turned out to be a much better in a sandwich. Kind of a fun lunch surprise.

No word back from the bed store to my request that they come reprogram the new remote. I'm not surprised. I would actually be surprised if they did replay. Meanwhile I got the rest of the instructions. You basically have to hold down a button on the motor and on the remote. And then hold down the motor button once more. The problem is the motor is under the bed and I couldn't reach it. But, I figured out that I could lift the frame a little and get under there, I think. It's worth a try anyway. On the up side, my tape fix of the broken remote is holding so far. But, I am afraid to use it for fear it will be the last time.

Pants #2 done and even better than Pants #1. I'm learning.

Started laundry. Clean old pants will go right into the Goodwill bin. I'm also washing the latest new ones to make sure they come out perfectly before I make Pants #3. And that may be it for today's hard work. I got started on Netflix's Mindhunters last night which is excellent and there's a new Acorn TV show today - Acceptable Risks. Plus I want to finish the second sleeve of my crocheted sweater. In between blowing my fucking nose. (And, nope. Not allergies. Not a cold. Not anything but Gift From Mother - she's likely having a lovely chuckle about it even now.)
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