Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Blinking happy

I bought these shoes last week because I found them and had to have them. I assumed they would not fit, would not work, would need to be returned right away. They arrived today and turns out, I was wrong, wrong and wrong.

They are hilarious. Much funnier, brighter and wilder than my light up Crocs. They are now charging. OMG. I'm so delighted.

My swim this morning was great. No Seahawks home game so no need to rush back home. I took my time, and even took more time. I figured I'd get in my entire tracker goal so I could sit on my ass for the rest of the day, if I wanted. I ended up swimming nearly 2 miles and it was great. It wasn't even terribly crowded.

Then I went back to the same place I went yesterday for brunch. Excellent again but this time with free parking.

On they way home there is a Whole Foods next to a PetSmart. I wanted to check a particular cat food availability and pricing so I pulled in. I had not been in Whole Foods since Amazon bought it. Turns out they kept most, if not all, of the things that make me never ever want to go in there again. And PetSmart did not have the MeowMix I wanted.

Then home. Someone had left broken glass and the liquid that was in it all over the condo lobby. There was a guy - a resident I do not know - who had just discovered it and said he was going upstairs to get a broom. I helped him clean it up and then came upstairs and looked on the Nest lobby cam to find the Perp. 1:30 am - bottle of wine. She picked up the big pieces and just left the rest. LOTS of people walked over the glass shards, many with their pets. Geesh. I grabbed video clips of the perp, the deed and the hero guy who cleaned it up with me and sent them to the HOA president and the building manager. Love that camera.

Now I think I'll go sew a bit.
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