Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I did a lot of detail work on the shirt I started yesterday. I got carried away with contrasting lining and putting in snaps. But it's done and I love it. You can't really tell squat from this photo but it is soooooo soft. The collar is on that plaid on the inside. I also used the plaid for the inside of the pockets.


I had ordered two different bundles of yarn for two different projects - one knit and one crochet - from two different places. I finished up a knitted cowl last night.

Just as I finished my shirt, the mail and UPS arrived at the same time with both bundles of yarn and the pants pattern I ordered earlier this week. Yikes!! Maker Feast!

The pants pattern is tissue paper which I hate. It's an indie pattern company so I was hoping it was maybe on some decent paper but no. Tissue paper to my good paper is not an easy step since the good paper is so thick so no tracing. One of the reasons I bought this pattern was the detailed hand holding on how to exactly get the pants to fit perfectly. There's a lot of pattern tweaking. So I traced it onto Swedish tracing paper which is a whole lot stronger and easier to work with than the tissue and I was able to fold the tissue back up and save it for backup if needed.

I made all of the adjustments which were really time consuming but, hopefully, one time only. Tomorrow I'll cut out some fabric and give it a test run. I am exceedingly hopeful.

I cleaned everything up and put all my toys away and now I'm trying to decide what I want for dinner and if, maybe, I want to go out. If out, car or walk? Or order in. Too many choices. I think I'll just dig something out of the freezer and start my crochet while it's cooking.
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