Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Knitting Wounded

Last night I picked up this knitting project I've been working on and instantly knew what had caused my arm issue. The knitting is heavier than I usually work with and ouch. I iced down my arm and it felt much better. But it is really hard not to use it. It's like a critical piece of my human tool kit!

But this morning, shit got real. I was swimming along fine for the first 40 minutes and then the arm started to bother me and then it started to hurt. So I swam a few more laps discussing the situation with myself and finally decided that if I made it worse and then made it so I couldn't swim at all, I'd be very pissed. And it was hurting more the more I swam so I stopped. My fitness tracker is short so there will need to be a walk today. Maybe up to Uwajimaya who is having their annual anniversary sale anyway. So good day for Japanese groceries. And the sun is behind the clouds so good day for a walk.

The arm feels better now. I am going to work hard on varying my arm assignments. Some knitting heavy stuff, some knitting light weight stuff, some crochet. Sewing doesn't seem to bother it any and resting it would also probably help it a bunch.

I am sorry to see the Cleveland Indians lose their playoff spot yesterday. They put together a great year and deserved a spot in the World Series. (Well, clearly their loss indicated otherwise but still...). It hurts. in 2001, the Mariners had a banner year. They won more games than any team had in nearly a century and they, too, were knocked out in early playoff rounds. It does hurt. Plus. So now the Yankees will vie with Houston for a spot in the Series. I honestly hope both lose which, of course, isn't going to happen so now I'm out. Really and truly. I'm done with baseball this year.

Besides the walk there will be sewing today. I have a new top all ready to cut out and sew up. And some TV and some other stuff. I'm also in the middle of what is turning out to be a really good book. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. And the reader is amazing. It's a debut novel and a really good one.

Ok, time now to get this day going for realseys.
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